Ohio Federation of Business & Professional Women…

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Since 1920, Business & Professional Women of Ohio (BPW/OHIO) has provided opportunties for all women to participate in a variety of meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars that provide training, skill building, and networking.

WOMEN MEAN BUSINESS is BPW/OHIO’s phrase which sums up the essence of the organization. In the business arena women mean business in terms of professional prowess and strength in the marketplace. Politically, there are more women in all levels of public service as well as involved in the political process. The tenacity and spirit of BPW members striving toward the common goal of economic and workplace equity for working women make BPW/OHIO a relevant organization-now and in the future.

BPW/OHIO is proud of its history. The BPW/OHIO Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW/OHIO) has been promoting equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, personal and professional development, and access to information. Over 600 women and men belong to BPW/OHIO in local organizations, representing every congressional district in the state, as well as every age, race, religion, political party, and socioeconomic background. BPW/OHIO is an affiliate of BPW Foundation, a nationwide organization that has been advocating the rights of working women.

BPW/OHIO monitors federal and state legislation that affects working women and educates its members to become involved in public policy development in their own workplace, and at the local, state and federal levels. A legislative platform, approved annually, includes planks that call for economic equity, equal educational opportunity, quality dependent care, access to reproductive health, research and funding on women’s health, victim’s rights and affirmative action.

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